Doppstadt - FAC Belt Pulleys

Doppstadt - FAC Belt Pulleys

Doppstadt Calbe GmbH develops, calculates and produces belt pulleys. Belt pulleys from Calbe have turned out to be successful in Germany and abroad. The fields of application are belt conveyors in transporting plants and mining equipment for the extraction, storage and processing of primary matters and for special transport installations in order to solve a great number of transport problems, e.g. in overburden stackers, exploitation equipment and main and face conveyors.

For every case of application we offer the suitable solution thanks to 50 years of experience in the dimensioning and fabrication of transport technology and components for highest demands.

Belt Pulleys of all kinds with standard bearing housings from Calbe are operating all over the world.

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Doppstadt manufactures and supplies high quality new conveyor systems designed and built in accordance with customer requirements or as replacement equipment.

Our belt drums can thereby be realized with flange bearings, sliding bearings or bearing baskets with various seal types (oil seal, labyrinth seals, Taconite seals, felt rings). Drive pulleys for shafts or couplings are available for single and double sided drives (optionally provided with keyed connections and/or with a remote cylindrical friction joint or conical sleeve).

Deflection pulleys can be adapted to include slip monitoring systems such as speed monitoring ports. The system (including the belt drive surface) is also available in a smooth or profiled belt format or as a nubby surface in rubber, polyurethane as well as ceramic.
The surface can be heat cured or cold glued. Doppstadt belt-drives can be supplied for the desired operating conditions, in a welded construction or with I- and T-shaped clamping sets.


For highest demands:

Belt pulleys from Calbe move the largest transporting plants worldwide. The brand "Doppstadt“ guarantees reliability and operational safety. Doppstadt-technology, i. e. driving and tail pulleys, tension and snub pulleys are working in overland and face conveyors, conveying bridges, excavators etc.

Belt pulleys from Calbe can be equipped with various bearings. The diameters range from 250 mm to 2500 mm and the face length from 600 mm to 3500 mm.


  • Standardized production since 1964
  • Technically safe and cost-optimized designs
  • Excellent workmanship
  • High power and efficiency
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Brand suppliers like BIKON, SKF and TipTop
  • Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • Welding technical quality requirements in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006
  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts (even decades later)