50 + 4 Years of Doppstadt

Milestones on the Way to become a Full-Line Supplier Operating on a Global Scale

Since the establishment in 1965 Doppstadt has developed from a family-run service enterprise to a worldwide leading solution provider in the field of environmental technology.

In the beginning there were two farms in the idyllic Bergisches Land area: the Doppstadt family farm where the brothers Werner and Josef grew up; and the Zellin family farm, where daughter Hedwig grew up, who would later become Werner’s wife. In the year 1965 they founded the agricultural service enterprise Doppstadt. Fifty-one years later, the enterprise  is one of the most renowned full-line suppliers for machine solutions in the recycling technology. This is how we achieved it.

1965: From agriculture to service: Establishment of the agricultural service enterprise „Doppstadt“

„They started very small!“ Friedhart Sperling, Doppstadt service provider for 22 years.


1977: Construction of the parent plant in Velbert – extension of the product range by trommel screens, shredders verge mowers

„When I started in 1980 we were two – today, hundreds are working here!“ Peter Müller experienced the rise of the company first hand.


1990: Founding of the DVG marketing company

Expansion of the international trade: Establishment of the DVG sales company.


1995: Conveyor systems: Establishment of Doppstadt Calbe GmbH – Expansion of the belt drum division

„I am one with my drum“, Frank Horn says. The mechanic applied for a job at Doppstadt in 1998, he stayed, got to know the belt drums and appreciated them.


2002: Pooling the sales activities: Consolidation of DVG and Doppstadt Calbe GmbH

„From our office we take care for the whole world.“ Ralf Wunderling, Team Leader of the international after-sales service, is on the move for Doppstadt.


2005: Tractor construction in Austria: Establishment of Doppstadt Austria GmbH near Vienna

Werner Doppstadt and the Austria Team develop the Grizzly series: The vehicles take on the winter service at airports and they serve as commercial vehicles in the Czech woods.

2007: Stationary machine solutions: Establishment of a center for the development of machines for stationary use in Velbert

Reorientation of the business segment „stationary solutions“ with a new staff at a new location: Design and construction of stationary machines are transferred to the Velbert center of Doppstadt Systemtechnik GmbH.

2013: Generational Change: Doppstadt pass on the leadership to the next generation.

First Ferdinand Doppstadt assumes the leadership together with Josef Doppstadt. On June 1st 2013 the family passes on the long-established enterprise entirely to their successor. Josef Doppstadt, who has held all the managerial positions so far, will remain at the Doppstadt Group’s disposal for technical questions and decisions and he will go on co-operating in the machine construction. Transition of the management to the son Ferdinand – Further development of the enterprise to become a full-line supplier in cooperation with premium partner.

Hedwig Doppstadt was asked about her personal summit in the nearly 50 years of company history. Her answer: „The birth of my son!“ 


2014: Across the Atlantic Ocean: Establishment of Doppstadt America LP in Rockville, Maryland, near Washington D.C.

Doppstadt intensifies the sales activities and ensures the spare part supply and the service for Doppstadt machines in North America.

2016: At the same time technology leader, market leader and environmental pioneer

CEO Ferdinand Doppstadt talks about the business objectives of his company