1992- 1995: „Suddenly We Were a Very Big Enterprise“

Doppstadt acquires the Förderanlagen Calbe company (conveyor systems) in Calbe in Saxony-Anhalt“

The international demand encourages Doppstadt to expand. In the course of the German reunification the enterprise acquires the conveyor factory in Calbe on the Saale river, in Saxony-Anhalt. The business objective of the East German plant manufacturer is not unknown to Doppstadt: Doppstadt‘s belt drums drive among others one of the longest conveyor belts in the Chilean Atacama desert. In this regard the Calbe factory is a good complement for the product range of the enterprise.

The 200 employees are welcome, too. Anyone who wants to can stay. „Suddenly we were a very big enterprise“, Hedwig Doppstadt remembers the decision, which was the „most challenging in the history of Doppstadt”. „We did not only take over the piece of land and the buildings, but even the staff. Overnight we had to take on responsibility for many new employees.“

The decision to employ the whole staff forms the relationship between the staff and the management board to this day. „Doppstadt is a kind of family for me“, Bernd Lichtenfeld, factory mechanic and maintenance technician, tells. „The Doppstadts introduced themselves and the things no longer stood on a shaky ground, but on firm ground..“ The Doppstadts transform Calbe into a state-of-the-art manufacturing and mounting factory and with the knowledge of the Calbe staff they develop brand-new machine series and make them ready for production. In 1995 the former Förderanlagen company is renamed „Doppstadt Calbe GmbH“: „Finally!“ Reimund Hoffmann, Manufacturing Master Craftsman remembers. He spent all of his working life in the factory. „We realized very soon that the family was really committed to the site. At last everybody wanted to wear the ‚Doppstadt‘ logo – the change of name took too long for a part of the staff. Thea wanted – like their colleagues from Velbert – finally wear working garment with the Doppstadt logo: The sign of belonging to our company.”