1995: „Me and my drum we are one “

Establishment of the Doppstadt Calbe GmbH and Extension of the Belt Drum Division

In the belt drum division the enterprise profits from the expert knowledge of the „Förderanlagen Calbe GmbH“ company, which was acquired in 1992. Thanks to the acquisition, Doppstadt extends and deepens its know-how in the field of conveyor technology and provides the Calbe site with state-of-the -art manufacturing and mounting technology. All the belt drums are produced in the ISO-certified factory on the Saale river and sold all over the world. And in – almost – every size, Doppstadt employee Frank Horn reports. The mechanic thinks: „I really hit home with my job. I just want to manufacture good belt drums. The biggest drum I ever built had a 2,5 m diameter. And then you stand beside it and say: „This is mine!“