2002: „From our office we take care of the whole world“

Consolidation of the Sales Company DVG and the Doppstadt Calbe GmbH

Doppstadt expands its international presence: soon after the turn of the millennium the enterprise cooperates with sales partners in more than 40 countries. This is definitely too much for the capacities of the sales company DVG founded in 1990 – it is merged with Calbe Doppstadt GmbH. Until 2015 the sales activities are coordinated centrally from Calbe.

This sales division includes the „International After-Sales Service“: a small, but nice team of sixteen employees, always on the go to the customers all over the world. The service staff install and service the machines on site, assist during the commissioning and in operation. Team leader Ralf Wunderling, grown up in the GDR tells: „When I was young I would never have imagined to do such a job. I always wanted to go on construction jobs – but would not have expected to travel so far - to Japan, Australia. The whole world calls and orders our services.” And his assistant Ralf-Peter Lübcke adds: “Every new operation is exciting. Every site is different. If a country needs us we will be there, in Europe within two days.”