EASY 800

EASY 800


The units are available for use as overhead conveyor (EASY 800) and windsifter for star screen extensions (EASY 1200). The EASY 800 is mounted on the discharge conveyor for coarse grain behind the screen machine, whereas the EASY 1200 is assembled at the coarse grain discharge near the end of the star screen deck. Having reached the drop area, light materials, such as foil, paper, and knotty particles, are extracted from the material stream. Using the windsifters requires adapting the throughput of the screen machine to

that of the windsifting unit.

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)



  • An additional separation stage can be realized which further enhances the quality of the screen overflow in the same machine.
  • Integration into the control cabinet of the system
    • No machine-specific restrictions apply for the conveyor version to be mounted at the transition points of the extraction systems
    • Easy adjustment of static suction lift