WS 3001

WS 3001


The wind blows away the chaff whereas the wheat falls back into the basket: an age-old principle of separating substances based on density and weight – and a principle we have brought to perfection in our WS windsifting machines. 

The WS 3001 is our most powerful stationary windsifter packed into a new, appealing product design. The 6.8 m long machine boasts a system working width of 3 m. Thanks to a conveying speed of 1.5 m/s and maximum aerodynamic efficiency the windsifter achieves throughput rates of up to 400 m³/h.

The WS 3001 separates material flows into two or three fractions (light/heavy, plus medium). The material infeed is pre-treated and supplied according to pre-definined particle sizes. For optimum results, the sifting process requires the material being spread across the infeed belt in a single layer.

Belt position and inclination with respect to the separation drum can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical direction. 

The WS 3001 stands out for an unparalleled range of application – from construction waste and slag to biowaste and compost – and is very easy to use. Set-up and adjustment to a new material flow is just a matter of minutes.


When do you start blowing the dust off your separation processes? Brace yourself up for the big one – the WS 3001!

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)


The static windsifters of the WS model range can becombined with all Doppstadt screening systems, thus forming a powerful state-of-the-art processing unit. Construction debris, C & D waste, industrial waste, bio waste, RDF, waste wood and compost are suitable input materials for this most innovative realization of substance separation by way of windsifting.


  • Modular expansion chamber allows for individual lay out design geared to spefic areas of application
  • Aerodynamically optimized blast-pipe system
  • Infeed belt with downward buckling prevents larger scraps from mingling with lighweight fraction
  • Standardized scaling of all set-up parameters for perfect repeatability of separation results
  • High conveying speed ensures maximum throughput while delivering top-quality separation results