50 years of Doppstadt: the two-day trade show delighted more than 5,000 guests from all over the world

Calbe/Velbert, July 2015 - More than 5,000 guests from the environmental and recycling sector experienced two unforgettable days: on 24 and 25 June the environmental technology company Doppstadt staged what was arguably the largest European trade show of 2015 in this field on its 220,000 sq.-metre works site (Saxony-Anhalt).

On show were over one hundred machines for the shredding, sorting and treatment of waste and biomass. What was unique thereby was that more than half of the machines could be seen in action. In two-hour live demonstrations, the guests saw how coarse shredders, screening machines and exact hackers shredded tree trunks into sawdust, separated waste from recyclables and sorted pebbles from sand heaps. In doing so, Doppstadt demonstrated its problem-solving skills through combined processes: material collected by machines was initially shredded, then separated into its various components by means of separation processes such as screening, washing or air separation.

Exclusive to the trade fair:

50 new products In the exhibition area "Innovation Land", Doppstadt followed through on its motto "WE CARE - Fit for Future": Almost fifty new developments, machine updates and concept studies for different areas of application were on show there. The reason for the two-day trade show was the 50th anniversary of the family company's founding. However, the focus was less on the past and much more on the future. Managing Director Ferdinand Doppstadt said, "We are both technology leaders and environmental pioneers. And we are well on the way to being a full-range supplier that can provide the appropriate technology for every environmental challenge in its core markets - or if necessary can invent and develop it for its partners and customers."

Trade show, fairground and meeting place

On hour-long factory inspections the guests learned how a screening drum is created from a piece of steel using computer-aided production technology and craftsman's skills, before being installed in a screening machine in the assembly workshop. The guests also learned how much the family-run company relies on teamwork and networking in its strategic alignment. Suppliers and international partners of the enterprise presented their products and services in one of the exhibition halls. Ferdinand Doppstadt commented, "We are overwhelmed by the large number of people who took up the invitation to join us in our celebrations."

The Doppstadt Group

The family-run company Doppstadt was established in 1965 and has facilities in Velbert, W├╝lfrath, Calbe, Wilsdruff and Vienna as well as in Bethesda (Maryland) and Washington. Doppstadt serves customers in over 40 countries around the world through its own dealer network, with intelligent machinery and complete process engineering solutions in the core markets of shredding, separating, sorting, screening, splitting, sifting, washing, moving and conveying. Second-generation entrepreneur Ferdinand Doppstadt leads the internationally active group of companies with the aid of his management team. As a specialist in environmental technology, Doppstadt develops innovative, high-quality products and solutions. Those who choose a Doppstadt solution also benefit from comprehensive service support: based on their many years of practical experience and expertise, Doppstadt employees provide solution- and customer-oriented mentoring and advice.