All-out screening: BASIC 518 becomes 518 FLEX

The Doppstadt drum screen machine going by the name of BASIC 518 has experienced a steady increase in popularity. This comes as no surprise, since the basic, modular machine construction is the perfect companion for expert, no-holds-barred screening of rubble, earths, wood and gravel. Over the course of several months the machine has been significantly refined and its additional skills warrant a new name: What was the BASIC 518 is now the 518 FLEX.

The reason behind this is the total flexibility of our 518 FLEX, the other key quality along with its sheer screening power. The drive unit is either powered by electricity or Diesel, and, stored in a standard 40’’ high-cube maritime container, the 518 FLEX conveniently fits onto a flatbed truck for transportation. Flexibility is also the keyword in terms of day-to-day performance: A 4 m³ infeed hopper enables efficient screening of almost everything, from compost to construction rubble. The 518 FLEX can be equipped with all available screen drums of the 518 series. It is suited for stationary setup and can be moved via yard chassis. Since this variety adds up to a lot more than BASIC, the new name 518 FLEX is certainly well-deserved.