Usable in any Place: The Mobile DH 812 LD Precision Chipper

Unmade forest roads, gravel roads, narrow serpentines: Sometimes the cultivation of remote forest areas is a challenge for forestry enterprises.

For a smooth operation of the value-added chain from the wood harvest to the heat and power station, they need machines that reach any part of the forest, pick up the firewood autonomously and reduce it to the required size achieving a high-quality product. In short: they need complete solutions. The full line supplier Doppstadt offers one: the DH 812 LD precision chipper.

The DH 812 LD a chipper with compact equipment mounted on a Mercedes Arocs 3648 truck with crane and a chipping unit of the DH 812 series. The chipper processes log wood, treetops, slabs and shrubs producing wood chips between G 30 und G 100 grain size. The diameter of the logs that can be processed is impressive: Nearly 1 meter (max. 900 mm). The infeed of the chipping unit is 1200 mm large and 800 mm high. Thanks to the rotor with more than 3 tons gyrating mass, the chipping unit can even process the thickest wood slabs. In the treetop wood the machine stands out due to its aggressive feed-in drum and apron feeder.

Flexible Operation: The DH 812 LD Drives Anywhere and Adapts to any Challenge

The truck-mounted chipper with Doppstadt-specific exhaust gas routing reaches practically any place of operation easily thanks to the 6x6-all wheel drive, the 3900 mm wheel base and the PowerShift 3 automatic switching equipment, which powerfully transfers the slight pressure from the pedal to the machine. With 350 KW engine power and 2.300 Nm torque, the truck has an enormous throughput so that it can even pass slopes. The reinforced frame construction makes the whole vehicle extremely robust.

On site the truck can start working at once: The chipping unit, the crane and the most important components - from the hydraulic drive to the control unit - are located in a compact and safe place on the chassis. The installed Palfinger M 70 wood loading crane picks up the material, takes it to the chipping rotor where it is chipped and discharged by means of the discharge unit. The drive train is very powerful - Doppstadt have used the technology of their robust machines for the shredding of difficult materials. Thanks to the Doppstadt system with turbo coupling and vibration dampers between the chipping unit and reinforced power take-off, the drive train helps to protect the engine and the gearbox. Furthermore, the truck is protected by the belt coupling, which ensures the power transmission from the engine to the chipping rotor.

Optimum Chipping Results

Thanks to the enclosed rotor with 6 chipping knives or "Doppstadt Quickblade-System" and the optimum coordination of screening basket and knives, the DH 812 LD produces constantly high-quality wood chips. The solid chipping rotor with robust segment design turns continuously at 500 rpm. The wood chip size can be adjusted to the requirements by means of the continuously adjustable feeding speed, the variable knife displacement from 25 - 45 mm and a choice of suitable screening baskets. The screening basket can be changed without tools.

Low Noise, Low Vibrations, Easy Handling

The chipper is controlled from the driver's cabin where all the control units are located. The cabin has been redesigned by Doppstadt with regard to functional and ergonomic aspects. Through the windscreen, which is bent backwards, the driver has the working process in sight, a camera in the discharge area films the result. A comfortable Grammer seat and a simple operating concept ensure a stress-free and healthy working, additional LEDs permit the work at night. Daniel K├╝rten, Doppstadt Product Manager says: "We enable an economically and ecologically efficient wood chip production: The DH 812 LD saves time, resources and energy. It is a reliable partner, which can be used in any part of the forest. Thanks to various knife displacements and screening baskets it can meet any requirement.

The DH 812 LD: One of Ten Flexible Lumberjacks

Operating on a global scale, the full-line supplier Doppstadt has specialized in the recycling technologies: Doppstadt develops and manufactures machine solutions for the efficient recycling of natural materials. The DH series of chippers includes ten machines for the production of wood chips: mobile and stationary solutions with variable truck, track or trailer design. Doppstadt stands for precise wood chips.