INVENTHOR premieres at COMPOST2019

The COMPOST2019 trade show in Phoenix, AZ, provides the stage for the first public display of an INVENTHOR TYPE 9 in the US –„The best shredder in the world. Period.“, according to our local partner Ecoverse.

From January 28 to 31 visitors can fact-check this verdict and experience for themselves what the new slow-speed shredding powerhouse by Doppstadt is capable of.

COMPOST2019 is the industry’s leading compost and recycling trade show in the US. The event is hosted by USCC (US Composting Council), a national organization for the advancement of compost production and utilization for a sustainable recovery of recyclables. USCC members include compost producers, equipment manufacturers, academic institutions, public agencies and non-profit groups.

The annual COMPOST conference and trade show brings together more than 100 USCC member organizations. 2019 is the first time the capital of Arizona will host the event.