“They’ve got skills that we believe in!’ That’s exactly why we at Doppstadt do not see a reason to turn our back on them in the relegation to the 3rd. Bundesliga: As a result, we remain a dedicated SILVER PARTER of 1. FC Magdeburg in 2019 as well. Trust and solidarity strengthen the community, especially when there is a slump. And we are committed to the community, both as an employer and as a partner of the professional sport.

The team fought hard in the 2nd. Bundesliga till the very end – that deserves recognition. Both past performance and our confidence in the team’s ability are reason enough for us to extend our sponsorship agreement for the upcoming 2019 season. As a result, we are presenting ourselves as one of the largest employers in Salzlandkreis with eye-catching LED perimeter advertising once again during this follow-up season. We are bringing the specialists to Calbe – and we are proud of that.

The prospects for a good season under the guidance of Coach Stefan Krämer are promising: With the acquisition of the new coach, who had previously helped KFC Uerdingen 05 to promotion to the 3rd. Bundesliga, the initial groundwork has been laid. Perhaps, the lack of media attention that is characteristic for the third division is needed for the team to emerge from this slump with renewed strength. We still do not consider the 2nd. Bundesliga to be out of our reach. 1. FCM has become a respected professional club and has the potential to achieve more. We firmly believe that as a silver partner.