Why we send our regards to a DW 3060 in Idaho today

Every time a machine leaves our factory it is an emotional moment for our team. The questions where and how the machine will be used in the future is exciting for all those involved. Therefore, we are pleased to get a feedback such as our partner Ecoverse Industries Ltd. in Ohio, USA has given.

About eight years ago, Ecoverse sold a DW 3060 to a waste disposal site in Bonneville County, Idaho, where Mike Kelsey worked.

At that time, Mike was mainly responsible for the processing of landfilled C&D waste, i. e. the C&D waste was crushed and buried. But – one day, there was not enough space. It was time for another solution and Mike and his team decided to buy a DW 3060 SA. It was the first time on this landfill site a machine was bought, which could recycle the material. An absolutely new concept! Since that time, the C&D waste has no longer been buried, but completely recycled in Bonneville County. Mike and his team were so enthused that by and by they bought further Doppstadt machines. An SM 720 trommel screen, an AK 630 and a second DW 3060K. Now the principle was: separate, recycle, recover. Whether it’s C&D waste, tree trimmings or other kinds of green waste – the processed material is re-used and sold, among others even as fuel for the local potato chip industry.

While at first, it was Mike’s job to store the waste, today, the recycling and thus further sources of income have priority. Mike appreciates the simple maintenance and operation of the machine. “Doppstadt has always been great for us“, he says. Our team in Germany was very pleased about these kind words and sends regards to Mike in Idaho of course to the DW 3060!