SM 620 SA Plus

SM 620 SA Plus


The SM 620 SA Plus sports an impressive > 7 m³ feeding hopper and an overall weight of 24 t resting on a 2-axle semi-trailer chassis. 

This makes the SA 620 SA Plus the perfect partner in crime for all screening tasks involving large quantities of different materials, such as domestic and construction waste or compost, bark, wood chips, earths and many more. 

That said, additional equipment like stone or vibration grids may be attached for transport without the need to dismantle the machine beforehand.

Replacing the popular SM 620 Profi, the SM 620 SA Plus operates as either trommel or star screening machine. To change the configuration it merely takes some 45 minutes, which makes even the most demanding tasks pretty run-of-the-mill, such as the trommel-screening of 500 m³ of compost at 10 mm followed by 800 m³ of wood chips at 40 mm employing the star screen.

By default, the SM 620 SA Plus is configured for two-fraction screening. However, the machine can produce up to three fractions in a single process with addition of a coarse grating, available separately. 

...And by the way, if your machine capacity doesn’t meet demands anymore, we accept your SM 620 SA Plus in part-exchange and provide you with an SM 720 SA Plus instead.

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)


Like all Doppstadt SM machines the SM 620 SA Plus happily accepts waste and raw materials of all types for screening. It is equally suitable for compost, earths, light construction waste, wood, biomass, sand, and gravel.


  • fast changing system for the screening unit, operation with trommel or 6 m³ star screen insert possible
  • large 7 m³ feeding hopper with low feeding height of 2,9 m
  • load sensing control for optimized screening result
  • three additional hydraulic connections to operate numerous optional equimpment
  • econimic fuel consumption, low operation costs, hight troughput capacity