SM 720 SA Plus

SM 720 SA Plus


The particular qualities of the SM 720 SA Plus are obvious at first sight. The 7 m long trommel provides a screening area of 38 m², which guarantees maximum throughput even if difficult materials are due for processing 

Like the smaller SM siblings the SM 720 SA Plus is no abstainer and processes a wide variety of materials, from domestic to construction waste, from plastic, glass and paper to biomass, sand and gravel.

If evidence is needed that size doesn’t allow conclusions to be drawn about mobilty, the SM 720 SA Plus makes a good case for this. The machine can be transported on the road with no restictions which makes it a very attractive option for recycling service providers commuting between different sites of operation.

By default, the SM 720 SA Plus is configured for two-fraction screening. However, the machine can produce up to five fractions in a single process by means of coarse grating, vibrating screen, air separator and magnets, all of which are available separately.

By the way, the gross load weight of the SM 720 SA Plus is 24 t, which means you don’t have to dismount the additional equipment for transport. Just place the machine onto your transport verhicle as it is...and off you go!


Big, strong, agile: This is a combination found in heavy-weight boxing at best – and in the SM 720 SA Plus!



Technical Data

Product data sheet (pdf)


Like all Doppstadt SM machines the SM 720 SA Plus happily accepts waste and raw materials of all types for screening. It is equally suitable for compost, earths, light construction waste, wood, biomass, sand, and gravel.


  • Maximum throughput capacity at high- quality screening results due to extra large screening area
  • Unique load sensing feeder control makes sure that the capacity of the machine is used at the optimum in safe operation without interruption.
  • Large size feeding hopper and extra long output conveyors allow feeding of the machine with large front loaders.
  • Low operation costs due to powerful drive at low fuel consumption.
  • No limitation for road transport, short set-up time