AK 510 K BioPower

AK 510 K BioPower


The name reveals the character: the AK 510 BioPower has a particular knack for any kind of green, yard and wood waste. Thanks to a variety of supplementary equipment and the patented load-sensitive material feed with its replaceable grinding system, the machine is ready for another grinding task in just about 15 minutes. 

The AK 510 BioPower always catches everybody’s eye: 

Weighing an impressive 2.5 t (5,512 lb) the flail drum nevertheless rotates at a stunning rate of ca. 1,000 rpm. 36 free-swinging flails make sure that even the most bulky and resistant incoming material backs down at once. 

The AK 510 BioPower is driven by a powerful and highly efficient Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. The unit is equipped with hydraulic, control and safety systems by leading manufacturers. Therefore, you can count on minimal downtime and maintenance even if the machine continuously operates at full throttle.

There’s no doubt about it: the AK 510 BioPower is a dream come true, because it answers the burning question how maximum performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness nicely fit into a single grinding solution.

Technical Data

Product data sheet (pdf)


The grinders of the Doppstadt AK series process green waste, yard  waste, biowaste, pre-shredded logs and roots, waste wood and wooden  pallets. For special applications, the AK grinders can be combined with  other Doppstadt products, such as shredders or screening machines.


  • continuous grinding by means of load-sensing material in-feed
  • resistant against contaminants thanks to free-swinging flails
  • free-swinging flails of the flail drum (gyrating mass appr. 2,5 t (5,512 lb) are provided with easily individual replaceable flail tips that can be adjusted to the materials to be grinded (e.g. hard metal, armoured tips)
  • easy one-man operation (remote control* of all main functions), the machine can be moved easy via tracklaying chassis, *option
  • replaceable grinding basket*, the mesh size (30 – 400 mm / 1.2 – 15.75'') determines the material grain size, * option