DZ 750

DZ 750


Two proven grinding principles intertwined into one seamless procedure – the DZ 750 makes a strong case for the solution-minded Doppstadt expertise. 

Festivities kick off with the tried and tested low-speed shredding process known from the DW series. Exclusively designed as a recycling system for scrap wood, the DZ 750 separates the incoming wood and extracts the bulk of ferruginous particles on the spot with the help of overband magnets. 

Passing through a scraper floor, the scrap wood then reaches the high-speed grinding unit as used in the AK series. There, the powerful flail mullet drum cuts the material to the desired size.  Free-swinging shredding tools provide maximum flexibility and can be exchanged within minutes thanks to the proven „Dopplock“ interlocking system. 

The icing on the cake is another downstream magnetic separation unit which takes care of the remaining Fe-particles that somehow made it through to here.

Turning scrap wood into a high-quality, ready-to-use end product in a single, seamless shredding process – the DZ 750 by Doppstadt makes this as easy as taking candy from a baby! 

DZ 750 Kombi – Waste wood

DZ 750 Kombi – Green waste

Technical Data

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The multi-purpose shredders of the DOPPSTADT DZ series process old growth, root wood, green waste, bulky stem wood and much more. The combination of a slow-going, contaminant-resistant pre-shredding system and a downstream high-speed post-processing system makes for the perfect solution for the most demanding shredding tasks.


  • Shredding and grinding in one machine
  • Production of finished goods in one machine
  • Easy one-man operation
  • Contaminant-resistant high-speed shredding
  • Metal separation by two overband magnets (additional magnet optionally available)