On-site service - Service+ Package

Our customised Service package

Your Service+ rewards

  • Minimisation of downtime
  • Calculable costs
  • Machine preservation
  • Reduction on own expenses

We make sure that none of your day to day servicing gets forgotten and that your Doppstadt equipment gets the love and care it needs!

Regularly serviced machines have fewer breakdowns and major damage can be minimised or prevented altogether!

Subject to supplemental agreement, we are able to tailor-make a service solution to meet your operational needs whether it be for mobile equipment or static installations!

Our highly skilled technicians in their well equipped vehicles can provide fast and competent support!

Doppstadt Telematics enable you and us to observe exactly what's happening on your machines and systems. From this we are able to provide simple and cost-effective telephone support in the event of problems!

We are available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Service Hotline: +49 2052 889 351/187

Repair order (PDF, 624 KB)