Spare parts supply - Parts+ Package

Our tailor-made Spares package

Your Parts+ advantages

  • Dispatch within 24 hours
  • high parts availability
  • Expert advice
  • Planable spares costs

Doppstadt original spare parts provide you with more than just the correct dimensions. The materials we use also contribute greatly to the reliability and long standing use of your Doppstadt machine.

Our tailor-made spare parts packages (incl. consumable wear & tear parts) offer you the chance of pre-calculable operating costs together with the least downtime.

Our spare parts can be dispatched upon request and within 24 hours. Our highly experienced spare parts sales-people will be pleased to assist in identifying the correct part required if you need advice. Our wear & tear part refurb-service provides you with the opportunity to have shredding tools simply and economically refurbished ready for reuse without having to buy them again.

Spare Parts Hotline: +49 2052 889 320/323

A machine is only as good as the service behind it

The positive effect on your machine of regular service and using Doppstadt genuine spare parts will become obvious from day to day use and from its high resale value. Make sure your machine is available a high percentage of the time and is therefore cost-effective.

Your Service Plus

  • Professional advice and service from specialists with manufacturing knowledge
  • Global security of supply and just-in-time delivery
  • Our own service workshop
  • Rapid repair service at the customer’s site
  • Help in choosing which tool to use for the job
  • User training
  • Service/maintenance contracts


The Doppstadt family business doesn’t just build reliable and durable machines but also offers you perfect service and first-rate genuine spare parts. Our many years of practical experience and expertise in environmental engineering means that at all times we can provide you with advice and support that is individually tailored to solve any problem.

We know what really counts.

Good if you can rely on something

Innovative engineering and intelligent service – your Doppstadt genuine spare parts service offers one-stopshopping. The service technician who comes to your business, the spare parts specialist who knows what you need. Together we form a strong team to provide you with the speediest support throughout the year wherever you are- you can rely on that.

We think and act just like you

Our service technicians handle Doppstadt genuine spare parts of the highest quality. Technical expertise and our knowledge as manufacturers make us specialists in spare parts. But we can do even more than that: Providing one-on-one advice and always being there to lend our customers a listening ear is what a close customer relationship means to us.

Your Service Plus

  • High daily output due to high availability of machines
  • Longer useful life because material quality is precisely adapted to the intended use
  • High operational safety achieved by stringent carbide specifications and intense production-related controls
  • Legal security and mainte- nance of the manufacturer’s product liability via patent- protected spare parts and preservation of machine’s CE labelling
Doppstadt - Spare parts supply

Highest level of logistics

Our customers know they can rely on us. Our central warehouse in Velbert is the basis of our logistics concept. Modern inventory management systems help our staff so that your order is processed and shipped out as quickly as possible.

When we send out our genuine spare parts we collaborate with international logistics professionals to make absolutely sure that our products reach you.

Regardless of when and where a spare part is needed, our logistics division makes sure you get it quickly.Our local service technician establishes the possible damage, the spare part required is determined in close consultation with our spare parts specialists and sent to the site – all within 24 hours.

Our large-span stockroom is equipped with the most up-to-date storage techno- logy and automatic shelving and shuttle systems. 13 meter high movable shelves provide room for 3,000 palettes. Each shelf cart can shift 240 tons of Doppstadt genuine spare parts as if by magic. The efficient, flexible warehousing strategy means that the system can manage 12,000 different items so that they are ready in an amazingly short time to be sent out to our customers.

Because your time is precious!

Doppstadt - Spare parts supply

Many good reasons for buying Doppstadt genuine spare parts

Assurance only comes if you have the genuine article. Professionals opt for Doppstadt environmental engineering because the most important things for them are maximum performance and minimum cost. Because we know that, our spare parts are always developed to be state of the art and are patented. That’s why you will find a Doppstadt label on each of our genuine spare parts. Our spare parts are custom-fit, high-quality series production parts from the most up-to-date production lines, and are subject to ongoing quality controls.

Our passion for precision is reflected in our high-quality series production. Doppstadt genuine spare parts are manufactured using high-speed, high-precision machining with our 5-axle CNC-machining centre. The result is high-precision components with surfaces that are of an appreciable high quality. The success of our products is shown by the competition. Doppstadt innovations very soon find themselves being imitated by other manufacturers. If you look more closely though, it turns out again and again that the copiers lack the developer‘s technical expertise. Even parts that look the same are often different. Sometimes they are only minimal variations in dimension but these variations can determine success or failure when the machine is used.