Doppstadt Showcases Range of Belt Drums at bauma 2019

Doppstadt the world’s leading manufacturer of belt drums. For the first time, the environmental enterprise presents this business sector with a separate booth at the bauma 2019 (Hall C2, booth 303A).

Doppstadt drums stand out because of their reliability during many years. „a recipe for success that provides for stable growth“, said Jörg Amend, head of the Doppstadt belt drum construction division. On the basis of 50 years of experience the drums are manufactured at the Calbe factory in accordance with a standardized and well-proven quality concept. The design depends on the range of application, on the customer’s requirements and on the special conditions on site.

All over the world, Doppstadt belt drums drive milelong conveyors around the clock. They are used in conveyor belt systems and open cast mining equipment, and in special transport equipment such as overburden stackers, extraction plants and bench discharge conveyors. Depending on the requirements, they are equipped with different kinds of bearings. The dimensions range from 250 mm to 3000 mm diameter and from 600 mm to 3500 mm length. Drums of our heaviest series reach up to 40 tons maximum weight. „We promise our customers: Doppstadt belt drums contain exclusively Doppstadt parts.“

High Quality and Short Delivery Periods
Doppstadt belt drums are produced on the ISO-certified premises in Saxony-Anhalt and exported to more than twenty countries within very short delivery periods, i. e. a maximum of four months. Each belt drum is manufactured individually and upon completion, all the dimensions and all the welds are controlled 100 %, certified individually and delivered with a complete documentation. Only high-quality materials are used. The standard bearing housing developed by Doppstadt is extremely long-lasting and ensures the customer a high reliability. All the drums have a low self-weight and a high resistance. Doppstadt will find a technical solution that meets even extreme demands at the operation site, for example differences in altitude up to 500 m and extraordinary climatic conditions with temperature variations between plus 40 °C and minus 40 °C. The wide Doppstadt range of products and services also includes a local after-sales service for the best possible product safety.

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Jörg Amend, conveyor technology division manager
T: +49 39291 55 140,
E: Joerg.Amend@doppstadt.com