Hang in there, Moritz! New Equipment for our Canoe Talent

Originally, Moritz Florstedt (18) wanted to prepare for the U23-world championship within the next few days. Originally – because it was cancelled. It is not clear when further championships will take place. Nevertheless, Moritz trains every day, and some time soon even with a brand-new boat, paddles and accessories. The equipment was sponsored once again by Doppstadt.

All alone, Moritz paddles across the Niegripper Lake. Since the official training ground of SC Magdeburg may not be used, he has got access to the lake thanks to a private contact. He trains one and a half hour every day. After that, he prepares himself for the final secondary-school exam.

A hard time for Moritz, indeed, but thanks to Doppstadt‘s support Moritz will train with a brand-new boat, paddles and accessories soon. “I am grateful for the sponsorship. The material is very delicate and over time the boat and paddle wear out, affecting ergonomics and efficiency.” Doppstadt has already supported the canoe talent since 2017 with equipment. In 2019, Moritz celebrated his 500 m Junior Championship victory in Romania in a canoe sponsored by Doppstadt. After the successful training camps in Italy at the beginning of March, he wanted to meet the next challenge at the U-23 world championship in Brandenburg. The conditions were fulfilled – he outpaddled all the members of his home team SC Magdeburg. But does it still help him now? Moritz hopes so and continues to train hard. He has not yet given up the next championships.

We hope so too, Moritz! Hang in there! We promise that we will continue to support you!