Future built-in as standard with e5

Doppstadt implements climate protection with state-of-the-art engine technology based on Euro V

Keeping the air clean is becoming more and more important. As a result, climate protection is increasingly playing a key role in business decisions, thus becoming a strategic factor for protecting your investments and economic success. As a forward-looking provider of solutions, we began early on to prepare for converting our mobile product lines to the modern e5 engine technology.

All machines, which have already been equipped with the new standard, bear Doppstadt's new e5 logo as a clear indicator of the standard environmental and climate protection. Based on a clearly defined roadmap, the transition to the new standard e5 provides the highest level of planning and investment security.

e5 stands for compliance with the new EU Stage V emission standards for non-road machinery as part of the effort to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines by up to 98 %. The emissions standards call for reducing particulate matter and decreasing the number of particulates. Integrating the new engines and emission control systems has made it necessary to modify the designs of our machines, resulting in some cases to extensive revisions. In the interests of leveraging a high development efficiency, we are also using the transition as an opportunity to integrate additional technical innovations as is reflected in the extended list of options.

For our customers that means there are new advantages to using our machines that are equipped as standard with the e5 engine technology in the future. That includes, e.g., compliance with EU's Stage V requirements, thus fulfilling a criterion that is increasingly required in tenders and for the placement of contracts. In addition to that, the requirements for approval for use in metropolitan areas are fulfilled, and the working conditions for machine operators and feeders have been improved as well.