HDS stands for “Hydraulic Density Separator”, M for „mobile“ - meaning the machine separates the incoming material by density using water power and can be easily set-up in any place.

Sounds unspectacular? Well, as you expect from Doppstadt, there is much more to the picture than meets the eye – because the entire process runs almost automatically.

Whatever material needs to be processed – from sand, grit and gravel to wood, leaves and slit – the  HDS-M accurately separates it into three fractions: solid/larger particles, sediments and floatables. What you always get is pure, high-quality finished goods you can immediately use for further processing.

One of the foremost qualities of the HDS-M unit is its outstanding resilence. Depending on the nature of feedstock the machine can process up to 15 to 20 t/hour.
The Doppstadt separator can be used for standalone material processing with its own recirculating water treatment plant, or can be fully integrated with our range of Gritbuster washing systems to provide a complete washing, destoning and separation solution.

product data sheet (pdf)

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)


The HDS-M is the perfect solution for a variety of materials which require washing or pitting before the recycling process starts: root wood, green waste, vegetables, commercial waste, and many more


  • Semimobile machine
  • High throughput
  • Separation into different fractions
  • Applicable with all Doppstadt products