SM 518 Plus

SM 518 Plus


To the benefit of environmental protection every mid-size recycling plant should be required by law to operate an SM 518 Plus. This is because there’s hardly another screening machine that deals so effortlessly with consumer/industrial/construction waste, compost, bark, wood chips, earths, etc. and produces up to five fractions of top-quality finished goods in a single process.

Depending on what you need you can operate the SM 518 Plus as either trommel or star screening machine. To change the configuration it merely takes some 45 minutes – a priceless advantage particularly for service providers facing screening tasks of great variety.

If you’re supposed to screen 300 m³ of compost at 10 mm employing a screening trommel followed by 500 m³ of wood chips at 40 mm with the help of the star screen – don’t even start asking yourself how to cope with it all during your lifetime.

By default, the SM 518 Plus is configured for two-fraction screening. However, the machine can produce up to five fractions in a single process with the help of the large particles separation unit, the air classifier and magnets, all available separately.

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)


Like all Doppstadt SM machines the SM 518 Plus happily accepts waste and raw materials of all types for screening. It is equally suitable for compost, earths, light construction waste, wood, biomass, sand, and gravel.


  • Fast changing system for the screening unit, trommel or star screen insert available
  • Large 5 m³ feeding hopper with just 2,8 m loading height
  • 5,5 m long output conveyors with 3,5 m drop-off height
  • Electronic load sensing control for perfect screening at optimized throughput
  • Compact transport dimensions for excellent mobility