AirFlex 1500

AirFlex 1500


The wind blows away the spelts and chaff whereas the wheat falls back into the basket: „windsifting“ is the age-old principle of separating substances based on density and weight –a principle we have brought to perfection in our WS windsifting systems! 

Technical Data

product data sheet (pdf)


The windsifters of the WS series can be combined with all Doppstadt screening systems, forming a powerful state-of-the-art processing unit.  The machine combination is perfectly suitable for a variety of separation applications, such as the processing of compost, construction waste,mixed construction waste, commercial waste, fuel surrogates, FE post processing, old growth timber,PET bottles, slag, scrap metal and biowaste.


  • The machine has been designed for transport in a 40’’ sea container
  • Complete utilization of the windsifter geometry using disk distributors
  • Highly efficient extraction of light media via SLS extension
  • Highly mobile unit with hooklift carriage for easy road transportation
  • Ready-to-Go thanks to pre-installed generator or power supply via 125 CEE plug
  • Control units remain at ground level throughout
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Maximum process stability thanks to high conveyor discharge rates