9th Magdeburg Company Relay

On 22 June 2017, the starting signal for the 9th Magdeburg Charity Company Relay was given – only it was not!

A heavy thunderstorm took control over the Magdeburg area and turned the Elbauenpark into an ideal venue for aquatics, while running was definitely out of the question.

However, the mayhem up in the sky was just like water off a duck’s back to our teams „Doppstadt Mischer“ and „Fit for Future“. The race was postponed until the following day, but our runners simply maintained concentration and performed admirably on the 5 x 3 km long stretch. Another striking piece of evidence that all things Orange run smoothly, be it on wheels, on tracks or on foot...

Afterwards, there was plenty of time for getting into deep analysis and talking shop with the other teams, and it was generally agreed that this year’s Company Run was a great experience for all involved!