BASIC 518: The new drum screen solution by Doppstadt – all the power you need

Looking for an efficient screening machine for the processing of different materials in varying quantities? Look no further – the new BASIC 518 is exactly what you need! The compact Doppstadt solution separates everything that finds its way through the 4 m3 feed hopper: bio, domestic and green waste, oldgrowth, sand, gravel and earths.

The BASIC 518 separates the incoming material into two fractions and discharges it over the exchangeable rear conveyor belt (applicable on the left or right side) or the front conveyor belt. Being the smaller "newbie" among the established "greats", the machine nevertheless stands out for its high-quality engineering: The CAT diesel engine is fully compliant with E3A/Tier 4i exhaust emission standards, machine operation is really easy, and only a minimum amount of maintenance is required. Thanks to its smart, compact design the BASIC 518 conveniently fits into a standard shipping container and can be transported on a flatbed truck.

The new Doppstadt machine is the ideal, cost-effective entry or expansion solution for companies with distinctive screening requirements. And in case an upgrade is needed - just upgrade! Or combine the machine with other Doppstadt systems. The BASIC 518 perfectly adapts to changing requirements while always remaining true to itself as the powerful foundation for everything that's yet to come.

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