The delivery of the AK 560 EcoPower shredder to our long-standing customer Da-Di-Werk Messel on July 11, 2019 was much more than just a routine handover: During a tour, the customer’s employees became acquainted with our Calbe factory, our employees and our company history – including a wonderful view of the city’s towers.

“That was a very impressive day,” said the employees of our long-standing customer Da-Di-Werk Messel from the Darmstadt-Dieburg administrative district, describing the handover of the AK 560 EcoPower at the Calbe plant. The company specializes, among other things, in biocomposting and green waste processing. Even though the business relationship has already existed for 30 years, the Da-Di-Werk municipal enterprise for building and environmental management really met Doppstadt for the first time now. The handover of the high-speed AK 560 EcoPower shredder took place directly at the Museum and Customer Reception Center – a renovated water tower –, which provides an incredible panoramic view of the factory and the surrounding area. That was preceded by a small reception and a subsequent tour of our plant, during which the customer’s employees gained a close look at our manufacturing processes and insight into the history of Doppstadt.

The tour once again confirmed the customer’s decision in favor of Doppstadt: “What we need is rugged but easy-to-use equipment that is ‘made in Germany’ with dependable service and reliable ease of access. Doppstadt has been doing that without making compromises for decades,” states Da-Di-Werk Messel. The customer was really impressed in particular by our vertical range of manufacturing in Calbe: From design and laser cutting through to coating and installation—almost everything is done at Doppstadt. Even outsourced parts such as engines and pumps come exclusively from well-respected German brand manufacturers. “That way we know exactly what we are getting,” says the customer.