To Japan by Air Freight: Doppstadt Delivers Belt Drums at Record Speed

Conveyor plants at standstill cost money. A lot of money. Therefore, its stands to reason that a big Japanese group of technology companies wanted to put the overhauled conveyor plant into operation as quickly as possible.

For this purpose, idler and drive drums up to 1600 mm diameter manufactured by Doppstadt Calbe GmbH were required. And that quickly. The desired delivery date was: within 15 weeks. This request was Doppstadt's first priority. We increased the speed in all areas: in the assembly, the packaging and the transport. Without neglecting the product quality, of course. After all, speediness is a question of organization and project management and not just acceleration of the work sequence.

Finally, Doppstadt delivered the drums even three weeks before the required date - by express, because instead of sending them by ship we transported the freight with several tons of weight by plane. In this sector, we cooperate with forwarders who can package and transport such a weight safely and professionally. Conclusion: Even in a greater hurry than usual, Doppstadt is reliable.