Award as innovation champion

Doppstadt is one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. According to a study by the magazine "Wirtschaftswoche", only 50 out of around 3,500 companies surveyed are eligible for this rating.

The Munich Strategy consultancy not only analyzed annual accounts and product portfolios for the annual study, but also included the assessment of customers and competitors. In a second round, the top 400 received an 'Innovation Score'. According to Sebastian Theopold, the developer of the score, this is calculated not only from the investment behavior of the company, but starts with the processes: "If the middle class accepts this way of thinking and combines it with its industrial know-how, great things can come about."

We have achieved great things! With innovative recycling processes and machines, market-leading portfolio and the approach, Best Solution. Smart Recycling, we go one step further and rightly call ourselves the innovation champion of our industry.

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